11 April 2010

Potty Training Day #1

I tried to keep track of how many trips we took to the bathroom. And how many minutes we spent in there. I'd like to be able to tell you my boy's stats for the day. You know... how many times he peed in the pot, how many times he stayed dry in his "unner-wear" (underwear), how many treats he got.

The one thing I can tell you is how many accidents I cleaned up.

That number is five.

And that was just between 3 and 7pm.

Here's is a pile of cutest-toddler-boy-undies. Nevermind they are laying in the corner of the bathroom cause he peed in them. They're still cute. Count them. Five. Five cute peed-in undies.

And. Stop judging me for the appearance of the corner of my bathroom. I live in Africa... do you expect corners of bathrooms to be nicely finished and perfectly clean? Puh-lease.

And here is the stack of clean cutest-toddler-boy-undies. Just waiting to be peed in tomorrow...

You're right. I should more optimistic. I'm trying. Okay. Here's some optimism... I have tile floors... halleluiah!!

Also, a warning to any of my local readers who may stop by. Sometimes the heat and dry air causes 'pee footsteps' (you know... tiny toddler feet tracking pee from puddle where the accident happened leading in the general direction of Mommy or the bathroom) that dry up so fast that I can't even put H on the potty and run back with a rag fast enough to clean them while I still know where they were. So they may or may not have been wiped up...

Just being honest.

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