05 April 2010

Some things never change

We've been out of this country for almost a year. And we've seen a lot of places and experienced a lot of things in that time.

But the bottle-man has been doing the same thing every day that entire time.

It's a humbling thought.

This man walks all through our part of the city yelling "Al jerrkanaat" (at least I think that is what he's yelling.) He's asking for old plastic bottles. He pays people a few cents for their used plastic bottles, then takes them to a recyling center somewhere and gets paid a few more cents when he turns them in.

The other morning I heard his very familiar voice calling out from the empty square behind our apartment. And there he was with his empty bags walking through just like always.

He maybe doesn't mind that this is just what he does day in and day out. It's all he's known.

Humbling, huh?

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