16 April 2010

Such is Life...

Returning to our African home a few weeks ago, we noticed some things in our rented home that needed fixed and needed maintenance. So in the midst of our other activities, we've been attempting to get this house in better working order.

We should have known better.

Wednesday we had some metal workers come to fix the gate for our car. It wasn't closing well, so they had to re-weld some pieces.

Our gate is working well now. That's good.

What is not good is that in the process they managed to knock out the electricity in my downstairs neighbors detached guest room. Along with half their house. And it's not an easy fix. Apparently there is a short
somewhere in the cement walls somewhere in the house. Oh my goodness.

[next scene]

Meanwhile we had a plumber come to fix this sink.

It used to be in our bathroom, and as you can see, it needed some help with the faucet. However, in the process, he managed to crack the whole thing from side to side.

So, we had him bring us a new (used) sink. He installed that one for us, which was all well and good.

New (used) sink was cheap and okay with us.

However, in the process of installing it he managed to cause water to do this every time we turn on the faucet.

Oh my goodness.

[next scene]

Now it's the end of the week and were climbing (falling) into bed at the end of a long day... SNAP... the corner of Mike's bed breaks. (yes, we have two beds... two twin beds pushed together to make a king. It's just how they do it here folks!)

Anyway, he couldn't sleep on it and we have to turn sideways so that only our legs are on the broken bed. Happily, today it's already fixed.

But it was just the perfect ending, wouldn't you say?

And what is coming up next might you ask?

Well, tomorrow (fingers crossed) we have workers coming to make this metal

and this gumash (fabric)

into a shade covering for this half of our balcony.

There is going to be welding and cementing and drilling involved and needless to say I am VERY VERY nervous about it. I'm preparing myself for the worst...

"If it ain't broke don't fix it.
If it's only kinda broke STILL don't fix it.
And if it's really broke and you must, then 'fix' it. But don't get your hopes up..."


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