23 April 2010

Sunday (Friday) Shoes

I always thought it'd be fun to dress a girl. I mean, I guess I thought it would be fun. But maybe I actually never actually thought about it much.

Let me re-phrase.


I never actually thought much about how fun it might be to dress a girl.

But I know that I never thought I'd be the put-a-headband-or-bow-on-my-daughter-all-the-time-even-though-she's-still-just-a-baby kind of Mom. But I am definitely that.

Today I put her in a headband AND cute shoes. Can a 3 1/2 month old have too many accessories? At least I didn't make her carry a matching bag. Ha!

This is the first time my baby girl really wore shoes. At least as far as I can remember. And that's not always very far. Remember I have two small kids. Pregnancy zaps away all my brains (but only when it's convenient to use that excuse).

Anyway... It was just a whim on my part. I mean, does she really needs shoes? Her feet don't go anywhere near the ground. And you KNOW it's not cold here...

But here she is before church this morning (yes, we go to church on Friday morning. AND Friday afternoon. It's one service... just goes on a long time.)

Maybe you can't tell. But that is a miniature jean skirt.

She's just so precious.

But just look at this face.

Just look at it.


From a different angle.

She's so sweet. Even with her little baby cheek squooshed into the arm of the couch.

But wait.

Zoom out.

Oh yes.

There they are.


I'd now like to give a shout-out to whoever bought those shoes for her. I can't remember who you are (see paragraph 7), but she told me to tell you that she loves them...

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