10 May 2010

Al Eshan

There is a new(ish) supermarket in our part of town. Today I drove up there to check it out. Usually a supermarket of this caliber is only found in the main part of the city... but not anymore! I drove up there WITHOUT CHILDREN (amen and hallelujah) in our new (old) Pajero. More about that Pajero another day...


This market even had a parking lot people. With lines. Granted... no one seemed to know how you're supposed
to use such a lot. But that's okay. I kinda like the park-anywhere-you-please attitude anyway. Most of the time.

I walk in the shiny glass doors and choose a shopping cart. I think I have been in three stores in this country where I have used a shopping cart. It glided so nicely across the the tile floors that were being constantly cleaned. I walked slowly around the store seeing everything they have. And they have a lot.

For some reason I find it so relaxing to just be able to push my cart around looking at this or that. This is true no matter where I am in the world. It actually has nothing to do with purchasing anything. It's just nice to look. Prices are marked. Some things are written in English. It's clean. It's cool. It's a one-stop-shop even though it's only about the size of a 7/11.

A few of my exciting purchases follow.

Sayga bread! There are only two brands of sliced bread in the city. Zeena and Sayga. Sayga is much more soft and yummy, but I have had a hard time finding it lately... but there it was!!

Ceres juice. I discovered this juice when I was pregnant for my boy and couldn't stomach much but fruit and cereal. There is no added sugar. That, my friends, is virtually a miracle! It used to be very common, but these days I haven't' seen it. Until now! 7 SDG is about $2.50. That's kinda steep (okay... really steep). But I'm not gonna think about that. It seems like such a luxury item here and I don't like buying it, but we started giving H one serving a day to help him drink more fluids in this heat. Nothing can motivate him to drink like 'Whispers of Summer.'

Yeah. That's a new flavor. Sounds funny, but looks good!

Maraschino cherries! Bring on the pineapple upsidedown cake! This was definitely a splurge at 6 1/2 SDG (about $2.60). But I'll serve them to guests (justification #1) and they'll last a little while (justification #2).

Liquid vanilla. LIQUID! Powder vanilla is common around here, but liquid vanilla is really hit and miss. Today it was a hit!

Brown rice!!! I had given up on finding brown rice. The white stuff is aplenty. But brown? Not so much. I was very excited. Let's not talk about how much 12 SDG is. Okay. Lets. It's almost $5. I would NEVER pay that in America, but frankly I am becoming a little numb to the high prices in this city. You gotta pay what you gotta pay, right? (as long as I don't go over my monthly budget!) I bought this solely for the health of my family.


And I got these glasses free with my purchase of sugar!

I know, I know. Sugar? Wasn't I just saying something about the health of my family? I can't remember...

Among the items that unfortunately did not get placed in my gliding cart were Haagen Dazs ice cream, decaffeinated Nescafe, cake mixes, cream cheese, and red and yellow peppers! These may sound like normal grocery items to you (except the decaf instant coffee... I realize no American drinks that but me)... but they are not common in my life in this side of the world.

Thanks Al-Eshan... for brightening my day!

I'll be back.

After I save up some money...

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