29 May 2010

Backseat Riders

Some good friends of ours recently bought a new (used) vehicle. It's a Suzuki 'something.' Can't remember. Sorry. What I do remember is that some people lovingly call it 'the tractor' and others call it 'the shopping cart.' It's basically really cute and tiny and might I say it's also zippy? You know... just zips all over the place in all of it's wonderful smallness!

Aaaaanyway, the other day on the way to a Mom's group we loaded up our babies through the back door. Way easier than fitting them in from behind the front seats.

You can kind of get the 'scale' of the vehicle by the guitar case. Same width. HA!

Aren't they are hysterical in their shades?! B and N sweated clear across the city and back. Never made a peep. Although they might have snuck in a little hand-holding when we weren't looking...

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