13 May 2010

A Houseful

Today I have a houseful! Besides my two children, I am watching two other little girls while their parents are busy. It has been a bit crazy, but manageable.

Our morning activity was splashing in the pool! It took some coaxing to get them to sit and smile. BeLIEVE me... they were not sitting on their bottoms in a circle making kind little splashes the whole time. Or EVER except for half second it took to snap this picture.

...including some curious peering over the balcony to see what is in the street!

Look at those little bottoms!

The afternoon activity is... NAPS!!! Well, not for me. Boo.

And for one brief moment (lasting approximately 15 minutes) all four of my littles were sleeping!!

19 month Salome, asleep in the big bed... with her little dolly lying on top of her...

14 month Natalie, sleeping in my daughter's bed in the guest room.

My baby girl, sleeping on the couch.

And my boy in his bed.

And me? No, I'm not sleeping. I'm blogging (duh) while Natalie eats her lunch a few feet from me. But do I get some kind of award or something for getting 4 kids under the age of 3 to sleep simultaneously?

*Imaginary person whispering in my ear*

Oh, I see. There is no award. But I the satisfaction of my success. Greaaat... thanks.

But wait! The satisfaction alone does feel pretty good. I'll take it!


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