16 May 2010


It's terrible, but I think I could count the times my baby girl has been bathed on my two hands. It's kind of embarrassing how rarely I bathe her (Okay. Really embarrassing)... especially considering the dust. The girl hardly touches the floor and she still gets dusty toe jam, finger jam, and neck jam! Yet I let her stay in her dusty state for days at a time! Oh well, just being honest!

Anyway, today I bathed her! Do I get a gold star? (No. No gold stars for me. Gold stars only go to Mommies who bathe their sweet babies daily!)

Maybe she should get the gold star for being so cute and happy.

And what is bathtime without a baby mohawk?!

Do you think she needs a trim? She's got some length on that hair!

And of course... here she is all cleaned up.

*heart melting*

Oh, I love her...

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