29 May 2010

Yearly Rain Post

So, each year I document the first rain on this blog. Usually I accompany it with some picture or cute story. But this year, no pictures. No funny story.

It happened late last night. Yesterday was excruciatingly hot. The kind of hot that makes you feel like you're in a coma. Or that your body can't possibly function at this temperature. Or that you're on the brink of insanity. Or that you are must be an absolute mental case because you decided to move here. Or that this place is like Mars and life here is just bazaar. Or that you are just DONE, and would like to board a plane now. NOW!!

Yesterday was all of those combined.

That was followed by an evening dust-storm that left the football (soccer) players running for their lives in the opposite direction of the giant orange dust cloud that we could literally watch spread across the city (and the football pitch behind our house).

And THAT was followed by a little sprinkle of rain. Just enough to make me rush outside to gather my swing cushions and my solar lamps. And just enough to make our car look REALLY dirty today. (See prior post here regarding raining mud.) Anyway, it wasn't enough to drown the city or pour down the walls inside our house. We have those rain storms to look forward in the future.

But THAT was followed by an actual cloudy day. Which is shocking. Clouds are SO rare here, that actually shocked me more this morning than the first rain did last night!

And THAT was followed by a day where the temperatures are a bit lower. It's only 100 degrees out now at nearly 5pm.

And so goes the summer... excruciating heat, then a big dirty dust storm, then rain, then the temperatures cool down a bit only to slowly build up again to excruciating, etc, etc.

And around and around we go on the summer weather cycle. You get the point. It's super fun.

And here we go on round two.

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