28 June 2010

After Dinner Activities

Wanna know what tonight's after-dinner activities were?

I wish I could say something cool sounding like "Conversation by moonlight" or "Tea on the veranda" or even "Charades on the green" (ha! I just said 'on the green!' What am I talking about?!)
Tonight's actual activities were not quite that sophisticated. But they weren't torturous either... like "Dishes by my lonesome" or "Cleaning poop under the table." (Did I just say 'poop under the table?' That's gross Suz. Where do you come up with these things?)

Okay. So here they are. Our very normal, un-sophisticated, yet un-gross after-dinner activities...

Little boy body tracing! I assure you no one was shot on our balcony. Just now I realize how this looks. I'm innocent I tell you. Innocent!! Innocent except for having the poor boy lay his body down on a small colony of fire ants for me to trace him. But he didn't mind. Promise. I have three body traces to show as proof. "Do it 'gain Mommy, Do it 'gain!"

If you look close you can see where he'd draw his own eyes and mouth. Don't ask me where he learned that. I sure don't go around drawing stick people with eyes and mouths...

After that came pool-splashing and porch (balcony) swinging.

I did join in both the splashing and the swinging. Although I have to say the water was a little cold and the evening wasn't very hot. So I didn't last long.

Then... a bath!

Water a little murky you say? Yup. It's got corn-starch in it to try to treat my boy's prickly heat rash. He doesn't know it exists all over his body, but I noticed it so I thought we'd try to clear that up. He just thought his 'Special white bath' was great fun!

And, in case you're wondering. my daughter slept through all the fun. She's apparently plumb tuckered-out.


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