12 June 2010

Balcony Before and After

I know this is a long time coming. This was finished quite awhile ago, and I failed to post it until tonight.

This is our balcony before our new shade. Whew! Looks so hot and sunny (and messy), huh?

And after! Ooooh, so cool and, um... GREEN!

It's wonderful, eh? We LOOOOVE it! In fact, just today my boy and I spent at least an hour out there swimming in his paddling pool. Yes, I did say H
and I. Both of us. In the pool. Splashing, playing, kicking!


Yes, there IS a however...

Remember when I wrote a long post about our house projects that were going all wrong? The last project I mentioned was our balcony that was getting it's cover the next day. It involved welding and cementing and drilling and after so many disasters I was preparing myself for the worst.

Well. it was good that I did. I'm smart. I've learned these things by now.

While chipping away the cement in the post of the balcony wall to insert the metal pole the worker managed to chip off a whole corner of the post. And so he had to bring the welder back to weld an entire frame over the cement post to hold the pieces together so that it didn't come crumbling down.


(Don't you love that amateur arrow? Yeah... I did that in Paint. My parents spent good money to send me to design school my freshman year in college so I could learn things like Photoshop and here I am drawing amateur arrows in Paint. Disgraceful. Just disgraceful.)


That metal cap is so aestheticly pleasing to the eye, don't you think? They would really have loved THAT in design school. Lemme tell ya! And this is actually after I asked the worker to un-do his work and re-do it in a way that wasn' t so ugly. So if you can believe it, this is actually the 'nice-looking' version 2.0 of our welded-column-cap.

Luckily, I've lived here long enough to not care. It really is a small thing anyway. I'm just thankful for my green shade that means I can spend more time outside splashing in a paddling pool with my boy!


And while I'm at it... I'll go ahead and show you my sweet boy the day all this went down. He was sooo into watching the welding-man do his welding-thing! He was enthralled...

You can see the worker in the reflection of the glass in the frame above the couch...

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