23 June 2010


World Cup Soccer = Intense

Well, sometimes. Today it was SO intense. I haven't watched many games, but this one we watched as a family with some friends and had a great time. Mike said it was the most intense sporting event since the OSU vs. Miami of Florida College Football Championship in 2003. Whatever that means.


Today I could feel his blood pressure rising as the 90 minutes ticked away.




Whew. About time! I was starting to think we might have a very sober evening at home after this.

And then my beloved husband was screaming and yelling, jumping up and down and up and down in front of the television. And THAT was better entertainment than the game! HA!

I was teasing him about it later, and he said "Any respectable fan would have been jumping up and down. The question is why weren't you jumping up and down?"

Guess I don't get no fan respect around here.

But then he continued: "After that I tried to give high fives but nobody would give me one back."

Now THAT is sad. Mostly funny though. But kinda sad.

Someone give the man a high five!!

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