27 June 2010

Sweet Smelling

My daughter is growing! And you know what that means?

Well. It means a lot of things. A lot a lot.

But the thing I am thinking of at this moment is that she's outgrowing her clothes! This is sad because my baby is not a teensy weensy baby anymore, but good cause it means I get to get out a whole new round of cutsey, pink, purpley, lacey, flowery, cutest-baby-girl-clothes out! And that is super fun!

The past couple days I've been sorting and trying things on N to re-stock her cabinet with clothes that I don't have to stretch and pull to snap up.

Tonight I put a sweet little pink and pink striped onesie on her. It says "I love Mommy." Isn't that sweet that she already expresses her feelings to me...
he he

Anyway as I was nursing her and holding her I noticed how soft the fabric felt and how clean and fresh and lovely it smelled. Since it hasn't been worn here, it hasn't been washed here. Things washed here aren't soft (hung to dry, no dryer!) and they don't smell super nice (no fabric softener either).

So I was just enjoying the clean sweet-smelling softness of my baby's new onesie on her clean sweet-smelling soft little baby body! And THAT is a lot of sweet-smelling softness!!

Too much sweet-smelling softness for you? Sorry!

Like I say... It's the little things...

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