08 June 2010

A Local Visit

A group of us made a visit to a co-worker's home a couple weeks ago. It's always nice to visit and see where our colleagues live! We were served fresh fruit juice when we arrived!

And while we waited for dinner, my boy and some other kiddos munched on chips outside. We don't hardly ever buy chips here, and if you remember... they are some of H's favorites!

Munch, munch, crunch.

Look at the glare my son is giving that chip in Antony's hand! Looks like jealousy to me... so he goes in double fisted...

Meanwhile, N chills on the ground.

Until two little admirers come over...

And Valentina takes a closer look.

And look at these cutest little feet!

Here H is being coaxed to wash his hands with the pitcher and basin.

And dinner was served!

Some of my favorites!!! Chipote, beans from the SOUTH (yum!!), rice, fresh veg, and a potato dish. It was delicious! Thanks T and P!!

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