25 June 2010

A New Love Language

So, we all know about the Five Love Languages. You've got words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, touch and acts of service.

Today I discovered a new one that Gary Chapman obviously isn't aware of.

It's the drive-me-to-a-bunch-of-stores-to-find-the-almost-perfect-thingy love language. Mikey did it so willingly on the way home from visiting our vegetable man and his family tonight. Went something like this:

1. Pull up in front of plastic shop.
2. Jump out of car, being careful not to trip on my long skirt and fall flat on my face.
3. Greet man working in the shop.
4. Ignore the smirk on his face and his glance over to his friends to say "Lookie guys! I have a white lady in my shop!! Isn't this neat?!"
5. Glance around amongst many dusty plastic tables, plastic chairs, plastic buckets, plastic baskets, plastic bowls, plastic tanks, plastic containers, plastic trays, plastic EVERYTHING.
6. Locate a set of plastic shelves.
7. Try to explain using wrongly-pronounced words and various hand motions that yes, I want something like this, only a bit different and with wheels on the bottom.
8. Listen as they tell me no, we don't have that.
9. Stand politely while they offer me any number of other various plastic items that they believe I am in need of.
10. Say no thanks.
11. Climb back in the car being careful not to get my long skirt caught in the door.
12. Repeat steps 1-11.
13. Repeat them 12 times.
14. Then find an almost perfect version in the last possible shop and get excited.
15. Try to choose the least ugly color between pink, purple and yellow.
16. Attempt to barter price from 20 down to 15.
17. Succeed at my bartering attempt "9ashaan Arabi tamam" (because my Arabic is good!)
18. Climb into car final time with coveted plastic shelves in hand.
19. Tell Mikey how loved I feel!

It's the small things.

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