28 June 2010

A New Stage

First it was "Why Mommy?" That is a bit of an adjustment initially.

And now awhile ago we've added "Whatchya doin' Mommy?" to the most-commonly asked questions by my boy. More recently he's added "What's happening?" and "How you do dat?" and "Why not?" and "Wha we gonna do?"

These I can deal with.

But the latest is "Watch dis Mommy!" and "Wook at dis Mommy!"

And this really gets me! I don't mind watching some silly antics (I mean, my son is pretty cute), but how many times do I really need to watch him knock himself in the head with his toy truck or roll around on the floor with his left leg held in the air while he does it? 2 times? 5 times? 38 times?

What to do?!

I guess I my response will be similar to my response after the fourth "Why Mommy?"

"You heard me H."

I'll just change it to: "I saw you baby, very funny!" And hope that that satisfies.

Puh-lease may it satisfy!!

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