22 June 2010


I need a new passport.

My first passport took me on my initial trip to Europe (a semester in England fall of my Junior year in University) when I was 20 years old. I had no idea at the time that those few months weren't going to be the adventure of a lifetime, but actually just the beginning of a lifetime of adventure. A bunch of extra pages and 10 years later it's time to start filling up a new one.

So today we took some photos to get printed and submitted. But I can't stop wondering how outdated is today's photo going to look in 10 years? And will I look back at my photo and sigh at how young I once looked? Will my daughter tease me for my gold hoop earrings, the color of my shirt and the way I had my hair?

And the next time I need a new passport I will be 38. My firstborn will almost be a teenager and my daughter will be in the double digits when we snap a plain square little photo of my head and shoulders again. I mean 38 is almost 40. Right now, 28 is like... almost 24. And 24 is just-out-of-college-young-person. Right? But 38 is almost 40 and 40 is like A REAL GROWN UP. Not that I think I won't like myself at 40. I think I'm gonna love myself at 40, but it just A REAL GROWN UP age. Do ya hear me here? I mean... no offense to my readers 38 and older. 38+ doesn't seem old on any of you. Seriously. You're all charming and fabulous and so full of life...

Wow. Am I talking myself into a hole or what?


Back to the passport.

I probably won't even need to snap a picture and print it out to mail in with an actual application. I'll probably just choose the 'Update Passport' option under the 'International' Drop-down menu on my AEPD-IDD (Arm-Embedded Personal Data and Identification Device), aim my TEPPD (Thumb-Embedded Personal Photographic Device) at my head, say "Take photo," and my digital file will be instantly updated.


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