14 July 2010

Blessing from Strangers

We made it.

The red eye flights were NOT fun. We were all exhausted. But we made it. And BOY are we blessed.

I didn't tell you that when we decided to come to this region of the world for this trip I prayed that God would do something special for our housing. When we travel the world we usually stay in hostels and the most basic of lodging. Which is fine. We function fine in shared bathrooms and in bedrooms only double the size of the bed. It's not ideal... but it works. We are just always thankful to be someplace new.

But this time I prayed. Cause I thought it would be fun to be able to experience some of the luxury of the Gulf and not just look at it from afar. It was a 'fluffy' prayer but I went for it anyway. I'm not usually afraid to ask for things. I mean, He's our Father... He wants good for His children!

And He answered! BOY did He answer!

We have been put up in a suite in the Holiday Inn and it is way luxurious. Probably the nicest hotel room I've ever stayed in. And how did this happen? Because some friends of friends, who we DON'T know, found out we were coming to visit their country and they wanted to do something special for us. And to be honest, I almost feel embarrassed sharing this with you. It's just so nice and it's so frivolous in the big scheme of things. But I want to share because God gave us a gift and I shouldn't be ashamed...

Oh. My. Goodness.

God did it.

He did it.

And it's a beautiful thing. It really is special. Special because God used complete strangers to be a blessing to us.

Glory to Him. For He loves us and hears our 'fluffy' prayers.

Here are some of my favorite details...

Can't wait to sink in there in a few minutes...

And wake up to out view of the sun rising on the Gulf. (Okay, so maybe I don't want to see the sun rise in the morning. I have some sleep to catch up on and that'd be a bit early for me. But maybe the next day...)

Yes. I plan to spend some time in the pool. But not too much. It is 120 degrees here too! Yeesh!

Tea or coffee? Yes, please!

Blow dryer and lighted magnifying mirror. And by magnifying, I mean that I can look at my face, peer down a pore and practically see my lungs. This thing makes my face scary huge. Not recommended for the faint of heart.

Retractable drying line. Pretty standard. I just love it for it's practicality. I always appreciate practicality.

Two toilets! No, wait. A sink that my boy can reach? No, that's not right. What is that thing?


And then there is this:

A small button panel by the side of each bed. Feeling lazy? Just flip the 'Do Not Disturb' switch and then...

This lighted panel in the hallway next to your door illuminates. Thereby alerting all housekeeping staff to stay out for now. This is genius. Pure genius. I mean, when I sleep in late into the morning I hate that I have to get out of bed to put a doorhanger on the outside of the door so no one comes in to bother me.

Oh wait.

I have two small children. I haven't slept late in years.

But it's a nice thought, isn't it?


Thank you Holiday Inn!! My, you have a lovely place...

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