30 July 2010

Damages, the Conclusion

You'll be happy to know that the washer fixed itself, the fish didn't die, I scrubbed the orange crayon off the floor, Mikey removed the yellow from the microwave with nail polish remover (don't laugh... it works), we cleaned the coffee and spit up off the various surfaces, I thoroughly washed all of innocent-girl's bedding, we never had even a ding on the car, and we found a replacement part to the expensive-as-all-get-out blender!! So I don't have to ask Mom to pawn my wedding ring after all. he he

See? Such a glorious piece of red plastic and metal, wouldn't you say?

So we celebrated!

With smoothies! (No spoon this time.)

Cause these bags of frozen strawberries only cost about a dollar. A DOLLAR! That's enough to make me want to pick up and move here.


But not really.


My husband makes the best smoothies. Unless he uses a can of pineapple. Cause then they're just gross.

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