28 July 2010


This week, as you know, we are enjoying the amazing generosity of some friends in Qatar that we just met. We're staying in their amazing villa, driving their amazing car, and using everything in their house while they are gone.

Or maybe I should substitute 'using everything in their house' with 'damaging everything in their house.'

Here is the list of damages. We're not usually so accident prone, and frankly, this list is rather embarrassing.

1. First day I burnt popcorn in the microwave. I mean smoke-pouring-out-of-microwave, whole-thing-turned-yellow, reeking-forever kind of burnt microwave. Still can't get rid of the smell or the color...

2. Then H used orange crayon to color the tile floor.

3. Then Mike overfed the fish and we had to frantically scoop out all we could so they didn't explode and die.

4. Then I spilled coffee in the car.

5. Then I spilled coffee on the couch.

6. Then I spilled my girlie's medicine on the other couch.

7. Then N spit up on the couch, the rug and the other rug.

8. Then Mike stuck a wooden spoon in the really fancy blender and broke it. The blender, not the spoon.

Lord have mercy. And silly me thought we might be able to come back someday.

We have a couple days left and I'm officially paranoid. This morning as I was borrowing the blow dryer I was thinking "I probably shouldn't even use this thing, cause it's probably going to break too!" And I'm gonna say an extra prayer when we all pile in the car to go hunting for a replacement blender this morning. All we need to do is add a couple thousand dollars of car repairs from an accident to the couple hundred dollars we're about to have to spend on a blender.

So, grab that strawberry smoothie that we never got to make, and let's toast to the gracefulness of this family this week...


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