29 July 2010

Dhow (Wooden Boat) Ride

Tonight we found our way to the Corniche in Doha. We were hoping for a boat ride and we got one!

We rented the whole boat for about ten bucks. Fair price I'd say for a ride on the Persian Gulf with a gorgeous nighttime skyline to look at!

It really was so beautiful! It was an inlet and the city and all it's lights wrapped around us. I love the bright modernity of the city contrasting the older worn look of the wooden boat.

Once we left shore the driver turned down the lights and turned up the American dance music. I loved it. Part of me even wanted to get up and shake my booty in this empty patch of red carpet. It was calling out to me to use it as my own personal dance floor.

But I restrained myself. I settled to discreetly shimmy my shoulders to the beat. I hate to actually support the stereotype that us white girls like to shake our booties for the whole world to see (or at least one Indian boat driver who doesn't know me to see). Cause that is what the rest of the world believes, in case you didn't know.

Here's my proof. When this family boarded the boat and it floated away from the shore, what do you suppose the Indian driver chose for their listening pleasure?

Some relaxing Arabic instrumentals. He didn't expect those ladies to enjoy the booty-shakin' music, now did he?

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