24 July 2010

European City Transplanted (The Villagio)

Today's outing took us to Venice!

Wait, what?

Oh. I meant to say 'Today's outing took us to another mall here in the Gulf.'

Yes. Back to the sparkle.

I never did ride a gondola when I was in the real Venice, but we rode one today! (Never mind if it was powdered by a small almost-hidden propeller instead of just the push-stick-thingy that we all think of.)

Then H and M played in the biggest playplace known to man. Well, known to us at least. Check it out.

They had a great time. And apparently H was climbing circles around his Daddy. Literally. Mikey was struggling to climb up an enclosed corkscrew slide thinking he was spotting for H just ahead of him. But then H came up behind him! He climbed all the way up, slid down another slide, and had climbed up again BEHIND his Dad. H kept saying "I can help you Daddy!" I guess Mikey needed the help. He could barely make it to the top! HA! Funny!

Meanwhile I was frantically scanning every piece of women's clothing in H&M deciding what to purchase with my saved-up clothing budget! So fun for me!

Then Mommy and H jumped on the trampoline. You only have to pay for the kid and not the 'chaperone.' But, um, I probably should have paid cause I had way too much fun.

"I was jumpin' on da tampoween!"

However. I'm gonna tell ya that two kids hasn't done much for my bladder control.

Ten minutes on the 'tampoween' and my jeans have gone straight in the wash.

Did I really just say that?

As the PW would say: "Just keepin' it real..."

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