17 July 2010

Kids Discovery Place

Today we returned to the same building as the aquarium, but this time we were visiting the Kids Discovery Place!

The main attraction was a T-Rex. They said it was the biggest T-Rex ever found. And I think it was found in North Dakota. Weird, huh?

What was REALLY weird was that the dino's name is Sue. They named her Sue.

Strange name for a big, scary, prehistoric dinosaur. Am I the only one that thinks this?

Aaaanyway, once inside, H started digging for more of Sue's bones in the largest indoor sandbox I have ever seen.

What is that I see under that sand? Is that an ilium bone that I see? (Ha! I did learn something!)

He found it! (Nevermind that I previously picked it up off the side of the sandbox, dropped it in a pre-dug hole when my boy was looking the other way, threw some sand over it and then had Mike get H to come 'dig' in that exact spot.)

He found it! He's such a good little archeologist!!

That is until he gave up on digging and just started collecting broken shovel heads.

"Wook at all deese Mama! I got all-dem!"

We also did the classic talking-into-the-tubes...

and the static ball (don't know what to call it)...

In case you were wondering, noses do function the same as hands when using the static-ball-thingy.

And we also did whatever this was. My boy didn't have a clue, he just liked pushing the green button.

Then they invited us into the SPACESHIP to watch a puppet show!! Puppet shows are fun!

What do you suppose the puppet show is about?

Why... water conservation, of course!!

Nomad Kuwaiti guy from a hundred years ago meets modern punk teenage Kuwaiti kid.

Dialogue includes lines such as this:

"You're too dumb to learn how to conserve water"
"No, I'm not!"
"You don't understand why it's important to conserve water"
"Wasting water is STUPID"

It was thee strangest puppet show I have ever seen in my life. We were laughing lots.

I get that Kuwait is trying to educate it's people about desalination plants and water conservation. But this was just downright strange. And did they really have to use the words 'dumb' and 'stupid' a dozen times? I fear that it's some insight into how people around here talk to motivate others. Apparently if you call other people 'stupid' enough times they eventually decide they should change?

Moving on...

Baby sister slept a lot.

Until she woke up and rolled around on the floor. It was pretty clean. Promise.

Mike and H had fun with the hovering ball.

Know what else the air stream is good for?

Making H's hair look crazy! He he

And there was a TV crew there. Don't know why.

We finished our time outside gazing at the Kuwait City skyline and a very old wooden Dhow ship.

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