22 July 2010

The Kids Show

Just as we were ready to leave the Summer Fun Fair I noticed a show was about to start! Yay! A Kids' show!

So we grabbed a seat and waited. This is H's 'I-know-you-are-taking-a-picture-but-I-refuse-to-look-at-you' face.

The show started and the host invited all the kids that wanted to play to come up front. Even though my boy was the smallest, he found a way to the front of the pack. I think it's a sign that he's lived in the Arab world most of his life...

And he was chosen!! I wondered if it has anything to do with the fact that he was the only white kid there...

The kids were supposed to stand in a line. Don't ask me why H is standing a mile away from the rest.

The game was simple really. When the host says "sit" then the kids are supposed to sit. When he says "stand" they are supposed to stand. This was the practice round. He was trying hard but the host kept pointing at him and saying "You! You're too slow!"

So then the real game starts and H held his own!

But then he was a bit too slow and he was told to leave the stage.

So he collected his prize and left the stage.

He was so stinkin' cute!

He loved his little horn. But we did accidentally leave it behind. Thought he would forget, but my heart broke when he asked "Where's my horn?" in the car on the way home. Oops!

"Can you do dis Mama?"

Then there was a round of 'Stand and Sit' with bigger kids. This girl REFUSED to leave the stage even when she kept messing up. The host would ask her to leave the stage and she would just shake her head and stay put. He even asked her parents to come up and get her (which they didn't do). It was awkward!

And this guy was so thrilled to be helping to hand out the prizes. Look at him! These guys OBVIOUSLY did not have a lot of experience with kids. More awkwardness.

The next game was to hop from hula hoop to hula hoop on one foot to gather prizes along the way.

The host did a terrible job of explaining or demonstrating the game and then was so impatient with the kids when they didn't get it and couldn't do it.

This guy just started walking down the line. The host was so annoyed with him. He just sent him off the stage. It was awful!

Then it was this little girl's turn. And before she even started he said "You're too small for this game, but whatever, come here anyway..."

So to try to cover his butt he invited up four Dads to compete in this 'difficult' game. Mikey volunteered!!

After his beginning stretches he started the one-footed-jumping.

When there was a gift in the hula-hoop he had to pick it up and carry it with him to the rest of the hula-hoops.

Turns out it was really easy for the Dads.

He's doing well! Not dropping gifts or using his other foot!

He did it!

So along with getting to keep ALL the prizes he gathered along the way he got to choose ANOTHER one from the table.

He took a look at all the loot, and chose to keep a remote control car and some toy motorcycles and airplanes.

And then he gave away most of the prizes to other kids. (With a little encouragement, of course)

Now it was time for a game for the ladies. Six ladies were chosen and they all appeared to be nannies for Gulf families. Their game was to chug the whole bottle of juice. The host had a lot to say before this game started:

"If you have diabetes or high blood pressure then this game is not for you"
"If I catch you womiting, then you're out of the game. We spent a lot of money on this stage and we don't want you spoiling it."
"I'm not responsible for anything that happens to you."

You'd think they were doing some death-defying act or something.

Bottoms up!

The lady the middle chugged the juice REALLY fast. We were amazed. Then she rushed back to the seat without gathering her prizes. She didn't look good.

The host said "She didn't gather he prizes because she isn't feeling well..."

So they sent this little (big) kid up to collect the prizes.

I loved him... he was so cute! And pretty excited. Even if one of the prizes was a expandable file folder. What?!

When he dropped all the gifts by his Mom, she looked at me (all covered in hijab) and said "Thanks God!"


And the show ended with a reprise of 'Stand and Sit' (yeah... not so much originality here). H happily joined the group...

and picked his nose...

chewed on his shirt...

and did some sitting and standing!

He never did mess up, but when the kid next to him messed up (as you can see) he just followed him off the stage for whatever reason.

Wow. That was good times. We laughed so much!!

Wish I had a prize to give YOU if you actually read to the end of this mile-long post!


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