16 July 2010

Kuwait Aquarium

The Kuwait Aquarium was highly recommended by the guide book... so this afternoon we checked it out for ourselves...

Escalators have been a highlight for my boy on this trip. He loves them!

Before the water section of the aquarium they had random other animals to see...

Saw a little turtle and a small hedgehog close up. H touched the turtle but the hedgehog was too pokey. At one point the hedgehog tried to climb out of the plastic box. The lady with the leather glove got real nervous. So then so did I.

This guy gave me the shivers. Repeatedly.

We were excited to see the Penguins (love the movie Happy Feet) but this habitat was sad and depressing. Wanted to rescue those poor penguins...

God's underwater creatures are simple amazing to me. Makes my heart full of awe and wonder at our Creator-God.

"Wook at dat Mommy!"

We had to go behind the scenes for a short detour when we needed the elevator for the stroller. They led the way on the floor back to the exhibits with... BEAR PRINTS? What? This is an
aquarium people. An aquarium. And you choose bear prints? I don't get it.

Duun dun. Duun dun. Duun dun dun dun dun dun.

That's the Jaws song. Didn't you get it? No? Well... YOU try to type out something like the Jaws theme...

More shivers. Saw a sign saying that if you're a certified diver you could get in the tank and swim with the sharks.

Um. No thanks.

It was a busy place!

Cute, right? I should have taken a picture of the sign hanging just nearby that said "Please don't touch the glass."

HA! Can you see those thousands of little handprints on the window? Pretty sure they don't enforce that rule.

He also loved the bean bags in front of the slideshow.

You get the idea of all the fun that can be had with bean bags.

"Fish? What fish? I have TOES!!"

Bubble columns. More fun completely unrelated to anything fish-like.

Thanks Kuwait Aquarium! We had fun!

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