18 July 2010

The Old Suug (The Old Market)

As you know, Kuwait is SOOO modern, but there are still bits and pieces here that allow us to see life before malls and Starbucks.

Like this... the old Suug!

You can buy all kinds of things here!

Ladies are shopping for clothing in this stall.

Fresh produce, all imported.

Purse anyone?

Toys toys toys!

Mucho mens shoes. (And womens too, I just didn't get a picture of that)

Rows after rows of watches,

gold jewelry,

head scarves,


nuts and other snacks,

and Muslim prayer beads.

There were lots of blankets. I couldn't imagine being cold in this country! (at least in the moment I took this picture)

And bags. Big ones. We lovingly call this kind the 'immigrant bag.' Fits LOTS of stuff!

Or maybe you need something for your kitchen?

And of course, there was some of this going on. Strangers doting on white baby and taking pictures of her baby cuteness!

You might be wondering what we bought? One cherry slushy. That's it!


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