30 July 2010

One of Those Moments

The other day I wanted to go to the mall. And I wanted go by myself. So I did (during naptime, of course.) I climbed in the car and felt almost giddy about the fact that the carseats in the backseat were empty, baby! I was feeling good!!!

So I'm driving down the road. Alone. In a borrowed vehicle. In Qatar.

I had a few thoughts. The first one was "Whose life is that that I am living?" I get these feelings every so often living overseas. It's like I step back from my current activity and see myself in a strange, weird, foreign situation. And I think the usual "Whose life is this that I am living?" Sometimes my life just feels weird.

I never imagined I'd be driving a big car around a roundabout in the Persian Gulf. I just didn't.

Aaaaayway. That's what I was doing.

And my next thought was "I wonder if these other people driving on the road with me realize that I have NO IDEA what I am doing."


They probably didn't know. But that's okay cause I never wrecked.

Amen and Halleluiah.

And THEN I started singing along with the CD...

Sing to the King Who is coming to reign
Glory to Jesus, the Lamb that was slain
Life and salvation His empire shall bring
And joy to the nations when Jesus is King

Come, let us sing a song
A song declaring that we belong to Jesus
He is all we need
Lift up a heart of praise
Sing now with voices raised to Jesus
Sing to the King

For His returning we watch and we pray
We will be ready the dawn of that day
We'll join in singing with all the redeemed
'Cause Satan is vanquished and my Jesus is King

And I was looking at this skyline.

And I had a moment. A moment more meaningful and powerful than my 'whose life is this that I am living" moment.

It was one of those moments when I could sense the reality of this world. The reality that some places are light and some are dark. And the reality that God can use ME to spread His light in the darkness.

And so I raised my hand (leaving the other safely on the wheel, of course) and stretched it out towards the skyline as I sang this song. And I believe something changed. Maybe nothing profound or concrete. But something changed. Something spiritual.

I believe that every word we speak has spiritual impact. I like to call it reverberations.

Speak something negative or judgmental? And something changes for the worse according to your words. Speak something positive and loving? And something changes for the better according to your words. It's biblical folks. Our words have power.

And so I sang this song about all nations knowing Jesus as King over the city, and I threw a bit of the light that Jesus has put inside of me onto that skyline. And by faith, I believe something changed. For the better.

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