23 July 2010


As we were riding in the car to the airport to depart Kuwait there was a postcard sitting on the console. It was in plain view. I imagine the previous passenger left it with the driver to drop in the mail. Anyone in the car could have read it. So I read it. And it etched itself in my mind. I remember it word for word, even a week later.

A warning is necessary. This is a PG-13 postcard.

Leaving Hell today. Can't wait to see you guys for a drink.
I'm over the illegal Arab moonshine purchased from Asian hookers "In a dark alley at night of course."

See you soon,

Reality hit.

The sparkling, happy facade of Kuwait City came crumbling down. All of the dark bits of the country are hidden from tourists such as ourselves. We see shopping and sparkle. We see happiness and beauty. I fell for it. I admit it.

Until the postcard.

All of a sudden my heart weighed a thousand pounds.

I don't judge this guy. How can I? I am a sinner too. But my heart just breaks for him. And the ladies who get all caught up in it too.

Oh, Jesus. How the world needs You...

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