30 July 2010

Road Trip

We thought: "Let's not spend all our time in the city... let's see what there is to see outside Doha!"

Road trip!!

So we loaded up the kids and the supplies and hit the road.

We drove all the way across the country (about 1 hour) to Zubara.

And on the way we saw a whole lot of nothin'.

Just us and the sand.

Just us and the construction vehicles.

Just us and the piles of rocks.

That is until we saw this on the horizon!!

It's not quite the 'castle' we thought we were headed toward. But at least it's not a pile of sand, a pile of rocks, a truck carrying piles of sand or rocks, or an empty patch of sand where a pile of rocks once sat.

I wish I could tell you what this was all 'intellectual-like.'

But I can't cause I can't remember what it was.

I know. I'll ask my husband. He knows everything. And by everything, I mean EVERTHING.
As in never, ever play Trivial Pursuit with him. Ever. Unless you're on his team, and then congratulations, you'll probably win.

Hold please.



Got it.

He says it's a fort from the 1800's that was used to defend the country.

I knew that.

That explains these holes in the side of it. For guns, right? I mean bows and arrows (?) to shoot through. I'm clueless folks. Really.

Or you can just peer through them to see more piles of sand and rocks.

Here my boys are peering over the edge to see the view. Which happened to be more sand and rocks.

And N is peering over for a view of her Daddy. Cause he's cute and she knows it.

[Scene change]

A couple days later we thought "Let's see if we can find something interesting if we drive south!"

We found boats!

Then we parked and I nursed the screeching baby in the front seat while M and H explored the beach...

... for about 2 minutes until they came back drenched and exhausted. It's hot out there folks. I recommend viewing the beach from the comfort of the climate controlled SUV with leather seats, plenty of leg room and cup holders holding Diet Pepsi.

Next time we come to Qatar (?) we'll probably just stay in the city.


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