20 July 2010

Second Stop

We've hit the skies again!

My boy loves flying. "Are we gonna get on da airpane Mama and go up up up and den down down down?"

"Yes, H, we are!! Won't that be fun?"

"Um, yeah!!"

We love you Jazeera Airways. Because you provide us with yet another cheap flight.

Don't judge me because my boy still takes a pacifier. He loves it. And frankly, I do too. And so do his popping-prone ears when we go 'up up up and den down down down' in 'da airpane.'


Where in the world are we now?

Second stop=


Yet another country I never thought I'd see. Didn't have many prior impressions of this country. The only thoughts I ever had about Qatar was...

"How do you pronounce that?"

And the answer is: However the crap you want.

Whew. Good to know.

So with that big stress lifted off my shoulders (!?), I feel much more ready to see this place.

So, we'll be finding our way around the city with this:

And we won't be using taxis this time. We'll be getting lost and making all of our wrong turns in style...

We're kidding right? Nope. I thought it was a joke at first when our hosts said that this was the vehicle we were free to borrow during our stay.


I've never driven a Nissan Armada before. I am humbled. But I think we're gonna be good friends...

Uh huh. This trip just keeps getting better. All glory to Jesus!

You can expect more thrilling posts of our Doha experience in the next days. Bet you can't wait, huh?

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