22 July 2010

Summer Fun Park

Opening day?

Fun times for kids? Okay! Let's go!

Some new friends/hosts in this country invited us to join them for an afternoon at the new Summer Fun Park. It was basically a summer fair put inside the Qatar Expo Center. Air conditioned fair fun!

My boy started out driving this little car. I thought he might be scared and need me to sit with him, but he wasn't phased!

It was a bright colorful place!

The big kids we were with rode this ride. It was CRAZY! It spun around and around so fast, but it also bumped up and down constantly. Those kids were tossed around!

And along with the three boys were two girls dressed in hijab (black covering from head to toe). And all the spinning and bumping blew their dresses up to reveal their designer jeans and spiky heals. Yikes!

He was mesmerized!

Mr. C bought our tickets. Thank you Mr. C!

Onto anther ride. The Spinning... ?

The um, Spinning.... well, let's see... the uh...

Spinning clouds? The Spinning Orange Poos? Not quite sure what it was that my boy was riding in.

Family shot!

Mesmerized again.

We rode on the upper level! I tried to teach H to say "giddyup horsey!"

Then we met a dwarf and a clown! Wow! This is just like Disney World! (?!)

Then he was driving the Circus train!

And then he went "up up up" on this ride. Once again I thought he'd be scared up high like that all by himself. But nope. He just doesn't need his Mama anymore. :(

he he

The last ride was my favorite! The Pony Express...

They strapped him and and he held on tight...

And he rode around the track with a big grin on his face. His head was bobbing bobbing the whole way!

Great fun!

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