30 July 2010

Things I'll Miss

We had a wonderful time in Qatar! There are many things we'll miss.

Here are a few:

I'll miss watching H excitedly feed the fish!

I'll miss Landmark Mall. I went here many times in our week and a half!

I'll miss looking at the gorgeous villas like this,

and this. And wondering what life is like inside.

I'll miss hearing our boy point out "bulldozers,"


and 'ca-wanes' fifteen thousand times a day. (Lots of construction going on!)

I'll miss this road! It would take us from

this amazing villa (which I'll really miss)

to this pool

and this pool. Both of these pools I'll miss very much!

And this... my 'happy place'. I'll miss floating in this pool with a book!

Goodbye Qatar... we hope to see you again!

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