09 July 2010

Watch out!

"Watch out world!!"

or maybe just "Watch out house!!!"

Mikey took both kiddos to the pool himself this weekend morning. And that leaves me at home, ALONE?

Pardon me? Excuse me? I'm not following you here, self. Please refresh my memory...

Okay. Here ya go, self. Alone=

Definition: isolated from others; lacking companions or companionship; entirely: without any others being included or involved; exclusive of anyone or anything else.

alone, lonely, lonesome, solitary.

Comments: a term sometimes used rarely and with much endearment, esp. to mothers of small children.

Right. This sounds vaguely familiar. I now recall that I may have experienced this a couple years back... (you like that 'Comments' line? I added that myself. duh)

Aaaanyway. What shall I do with this new-found quiet? Prop my feet up and finish my novel? Call up a friend and chat over coffee? Claim my boy's paddling pool for myself and take a nice soak? Open a pack of fruit snacks and eat them shamelessly all by myself? Waste time on the internet? (okay... just a couple more minutes of that, promise!)

I am actually about to tackle my mile long to-do list. Doesn't that sound restful and dreamy? Well, sort of. I like to get things done. And if I get stuff done then maybe I can prop my feet up and finish my novel later. First things first. Which apparently is 1. blog 2. work 3. read. Whatever.

Watch out list!!... I'm coming to annihilate you in my alone-lonely-lonesome-solitary-BURST OF ENERGY!

over and out.

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