06 July 2010


In the midst of a hot busy day don't you just wish you could pour yourself a nice tall glass of water to drink?

Yeah. That's gross. I think I'll pass.

And at the end of that same long, sweaty, humid and exhausting day don't you just want to be able to take a cool bath to wash all the sweat and dust down the drain?

Yeah. That's gross too. Pass, again.

But someone didn't mind...

Yup. That is our tap water lately, folks. The big question is... was he dirtier before or after his bath? It's a toss up if you ask me...



How clean are my floors that were mopped today? How clean are my dishes that were washed today? How clean are my clothes that went through the washing machine today?

Ugh. Let's just try to not think about that.

Wasn't this one of the plagues in Moses' time? Or was that water turned to blood...?

Yeah. That is way more gross than mud. Glad that didn't happen.

I guess I'll take my mud.

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