04 August 2010

The City

Yesterday we had our real first chance to walk around Beirut. And it didn't last for too long. But it was long to eat a bit of lunch...

...nothin' like hummos in Beirut. Mmmmmm!

And we watched this guy pound cement off his balcony while another guy tried to get pedestrians out of
the way of falling chunks below.

Lunch entertainment, I call it (no one got hit).

And then we continued walking and discovered that traffic seemed a bit backed up. At one point we
spent quite awhile watching a kebab delivery man directing traffic.

He seemed quite passionate in
his self-assigned position. There didn't seem to be any real reason why he should have started directing traffic, but he had about an eighty percent success rate at diverting cars the direction he wanted! Way to go self-assigned kebab delivery man traffic director!!

More power to ya!
Anyway, there were also LOTS of sirens and lots of backed up traffic. Seemed abnormal to even these out-of-towners.

Turns out there was fighting on the southern border of Lebanon and Isreal. It's far from Beirut,
but it's no surprise that it was causing drama in the capital city too. Seems it was just an isolated incident, something about a tree, so there is no need to be alarmed. Okay?

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