06 August 2010


Before 7am this morning I exited our newest (and last) temporary lodging in Beirut. Don't be fooled by the somewhat decent looking facade of this small hotel of 'flats'. What they mean by 'flats' is a teensy room with a teensy bathroom and a teensy counter with a cooker and a sink on top. A teensy couch is facing a large television with a ba-jillion satellite stations. You can see where priorities are in this small business, huh?

he he

Anyway, there is a small A/C unit (never mind that it randomly seems to turn off). My bed (yes, two twin beds plus a teensy cot for H) was surprisingly comfortable and the dark curtains allowed me to get up, feed the baby, get dressed and sneak out early this morning before my kiddos stirred much!

I walked down Hamra Street which was quiet and where I got many strange looks (this is normal).

I arrived here. Costa Coffee! And to my dismay it was closed. Oh no! The sign said it should open in 5 minutes, but it was so dark and lifeless inside I doubted it entirely.

But I stood outside nonetheless (now getting even more strange looks) and sure enough at 7am three workers appeared out of NOWHERE and opened the doors.

I went inside and took a seat. Coffee wasn't ready, but internet was!

Amen and Halleluiah!!

The cafe was still filled with chairs and tables to be put outside.

I squeezed past all these things. I am a girl on a mission.

A mission called Email. Facebook. Blogging.

You know, the essentials of life.

he he

Just kidding.

And after much waiting, this arrived. It is a cappuccino so large that the cup requires two handles.

Oh my.

And I wonder if male customers get heart shaped cocoa sprinkles of their boat-sized cappuccinos? Cause that would just be weird.

So now it's been almost a hour and a half of laptop time!

Who cares if I'm a little jittery after a gallon of cappuccino..

Let's go see some more of the city, okay?!

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