22 August 2010

Entirely Unrelated

Here I have for you some entirely unrelated photos and comments. I find it very hard not to post each of these in a new post with it's own title because they have absolutely no relation. But I thought I should spare you (as if you care) and just throw 'em all in together.

I guess they are all pictures from today.

So I could have entitled this post 'Pictures from Today.' But that sounds so uninspiring and lacking any sort of interest that I won't. But for the record.... it is actually what I mean. Okay?


Getting on with it.

First up:

My boy who sweats almost non-stop from the top of his nose. Nowhere else. Just his nose.

This seems odd to me. Should I be worried?


Next up: Same kid. Same nose. But here he's playing a game. Can you guess what game?

This is H playing "which hand?"

Nevermind that he only puts out one hand and that one hand is already open showing you what is in it. It is still a fun game to him. So shut up, don't tell him he's doing it wrong and play along.


Next up: Baby Girl!

I have thrown all parenting-book advice out the window and have given her zucchini, apple, potato, carrot, bread, biscuits and bananas all in one day. Most of them she's never had before. And she loves it. In this photo you'd think it was Thanksgiving afternoon and that her body was full of whatever-that-thing-in-turkey-is that they say makes you go to sleep.

Well, maybe to her it was like Thanksgiving. She did just consume the largest meal of her entire life.


Last one: Her again.

Here she is informing me that it's time to take the bassinet out of her pack n' play. She's says she's ready for a big girl crib now.

*sniff sniff*

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