07 August 2010

Flexible Sleepers

We have stayed in two different places in Lebanon. Both places my kids slept in very close proximity and did fine.

The yellow tent is a nursery tent we bought to travel with instead of lugging a pack n' play. It's been amazing! Weighs about two pounds, folds up super small and has popped up all around the world in hostels, airports, hotels, friend's homes, and even on an overnight train. I sewed the cover for it myself cause the other sides are mesh. When I cover it the babes always fall asleep much better cause they can't see out. Even now it works for either kiddo, making them super flexible sleepers.

Here we had a borrowed crib, and H slept half-way in the tent. Here is served to keep him from falling out of the bed.

Ahhhh... such peace and quiet when they sleep, huh?

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