26 August 2010

"It's Waining!"

We've seen a few sprinkles around here. Nothing too significant until today. Frankly I'm a bit disappointed in this year's 'rainy season.' Rainy shmainy. Where are the flooded streets? Where is the water running down my walls and under the windows? Where are the rickshaws stuck in big puddles? (oh wait... I did see one of those!)

Anyway, earlier in the year I blogged about the first rain but had no pics. But today it rained hard during a time when my children were awake! Usually it's been at night or early morning when the sprinkles come. So I ushered H outside to experience the rain...

"It's waining Mommy!!"

Rain is a novelty to our boy. He hasn't experienced it much. During a lull... he said "Make it turn back on Mommy!"

Even little N didn't mind the cold drops on her skin...

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