14 August 2010

A Miracle Every Time

One of my dearest friends from college just had a baby. And I'm far away, haven't seen her in years and miss her dearly.

I've been looking at pictures on Facebook of sweet Emma Grace's first moments. And it brings tears to my eyes. Repeatedly.

Babies are such miracles. It's is a miracle every time one emerges from her mother's body and takes her first breaths. No matter how the baby was started or how she comes into this world...

It's a miracle.

I honestly can't find the words and I get so emotional about it every time. And I'm not even pregnant. But hand me any newborn baby and I'll probably cry. God's design is crazy. If you think about it... it's almost unbelievable the way human life begins and emerges. Part of me wants to keep popping out baby after baby, if God would let it happen.


Let's pause for a moment to discuss the usage of the term 'pop' in this context. Why do people say that? As if this seriously uncomfortable (putting it nicely) nine month process culminating with a severe pain (putting it very nicely) can be described with the same word that you would use to illustrate what happens when one effortlessly and instantaneously pokes a pin in a balloon? Or pops the top of a bottle of root beer?

C'mon people.

Do me a favor and let's not use the phrase 'popping out babies' ever again. Cause it's just a lie.


What were we talking about?

Oh yeah... me wanting lots of babies.

What I was about to say is that my husband thinks differently and frankly I think differently too when my babies are both awake and crying instead of sweet and sleeping like they are at this moment.

Aaaaaaaaanyway... this little one is a miracle!!! And she's sweet and sleeping too...

Congratulations Bet and Nathan! Your sweet girl is perfect. And if I learned anything from being attached to your hip for two years in college, Bet... it's that you're going to be an amazing, incredible mother...

And if anyone should keep popping out babies (obviously not taking my own advice)... it should be you!


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