23 August 2010

New Blender

While spending our last of MANY hours in the Dubai Airport (Terminal 2, mind you) a couple weeks ago, I told Mike that we should buy a blender. Mine was already making funny noises and I convinced him that we'd save a bunch of money buying it there rather than in our city.

He gave in.

And so I became a first time major-purchase Duty Free shopper.

Yes, a blender is a major purchase for me. Don't laugh.

So along with two children, a carseat, a stroller, two large backpacks, one mini backpack, and a roller suitcase we were now also carrying this new purchase onto the airplane.

When we got home I did like any responsible new-appliance owner does. I read the instruction manual. When you go to so much trouble to bring something into the country you don't want to go breaking it upon first usage, now do you?

In case you're wondering, it did specifically say NOT to put any object in the blender while it's on.

Hear that honey? he he

Once we got past the wattage and proper usage and cleaning, it came to my favorite part...


I love recipes, don't you? And there was a lot of booklet left so I settled in to read about the wonderful concoctions I could make using my blender.

First one was for soy milk.

Mmmnn. Didn't know you could make your own soy milk. Great to know though cause I am mildy lactose intolerant and do drink soy milk when possible. Here it is not available. But good news I can now make my own.

If only I had soy beans.

Next please.

Nourishing vegetable soup from Budapest.

Interesting. This recipe, although apparently wholesome and international, includes two ingredients which I have never heard of and another that it illegal in this country. Not so helpful.

Next please.

Oh wait.

The next page was French. The English section was over and all I got were two lousy recipes.


So I unsettled myself and got up to move on with my life.

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