12 August 2010

New Food

My baby girl tried her third food today. I know, I know... isn't she, like, seven and a half months?

Yes. Yes she is.

Aren't babies that age supposed to be able to eat more than three foods?

Yes. Yes they are.

But we've been traveling and I didn't want to mess with it. So for the past month and a half it's been nothin' but rice and oats for my babe.

However. Now we are home and I thought we should move onto bigger and better foods. Like carrots.

So I boiled and pureed today.

And then we had our big moment.

Well, before the big moment there was a show: H, Daddy and the telescope.

Then we had our big moment. The term 'big' is used loosely here.

And what did she think?

Apparently, she thought absolutely nothing, judging by these blank looks.

She seems happy enough.

Until this. Oooh... poor gagging baby!!

We don't quite know what caused this. I think maybe it was too runny and it was just dripping down her throat instead of her swallowing it. Or maybe she's allergic. Or maybe she just hated the taste. We just may never know...

I'd like to take a moment to note here that I kinda feel like a bad parent taking a picture of my baby gagging. I mean, shouldn't I have done something like the Heimlich Maneuver or a pat on the back or something? I mean anything besides just watching and snapping photos to put on this blog so that the grandparents and any other crazy person who actually reads this entire post about my daughter eating carrots to see?

Oh well. It's not secret. I did no such maneuver and no patting. I just snapped.

And then we did try to thicken up the cereal so she'd be more encouraged to swallow.

Instead she just, well... she did nothing.

Until just after this photo when she sneezed. Twice. She succeeded in getting carrot on both Mike's and my pants and shirts, along with many other nearby surfaces. And then as I was wiping the carrot off my camera and grabbing something to wipe the sneezed carrot off the floor she proceeded to throw up whatever she had managed to get into her little tummy.

Yeah. That didn't go so well.

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