25 August 2010

Puking and Jesus

This morning I knew my boy was awake because I heard him crying. This is most unusual. Normally he lays there for awhile, runs laps in the bed, throws his stuffed monkey on the floor, smashes his face into the window that looks to the hallway and then says "Hi Mama!" when he sees me sit down at my desk or walk by to throw a load of laundry in the washer. He's a pretty happy kid. Crying in the morning is not the norm.

So I rushed in and asked "What's wrong puppy?"

In between sobs he managed: "I wan you to wock me and sing to me."

*heart breaking*

"Okay baby, I can do that..."

'Wocking' and singing commenced. It wasn't too hard to convince me. What Mom of a two year old (or a Mom of any kid, really) doesn't love to hold her baby in her arms and sing to him if he asks in such a sad 'I need you Mama' voice? Admit it Moms out there... in this scenario we love to be needed.

After one song he seemed satisfied enough so we headed to the bathroom for his morning 'business'. At which time he said "My tummy is full of food Mommy. I don't wanna eat beckfast."

Mmm. That's odd cause he hadn't eaten in a good 14 hours. Oh well. I moved on with life and got him dressed and then he asked to be 'wocked' and sang to again.

I can't resist him. He's too precious.

So I scooped him and was ready to sing another verse of Faithful to Me by Jennifer Knapp when I quickly became covered in puke. Huh? I put my boy down on the floor and tried to get him to puke into the toilet. But instead he just turned around with arms outstretched reaching for me to hold him.

Who can say no? I tell you no one could have resisted that boy's need to be held at that moment. So he puked more as I wrapped my arms around him and became shocked at how little I hesitated drawing him near to me in the midst of the mess. All I wanted was for my boy to feel loved and cared for.

Because that is what he is.

So anyway, you should know it was a fluke thing and after the mess was cleaned up he felt much better and was quickly back to him normal bouncing-off-the-walls self. This episode probably could be blamed on him chugging too much water when he woke up. Whew!

Later on, I was reflecting on all this and I realized it's so much like us and our Heavenly Father. My son was covered in yucky puke... it was actually still coming out of his mouth and I didn't hesitate to wrap him up and love him and even get his yuckiness on me in the process.

Wow. Is that like Jesus or what?

No, I am not comparing myself to Jesus. Puh-lease.

I'm saying that even when we are covered in yuckiness (sin), even when it is still pouring out of our lives and our mouths and our thoughts... He does not hesitate to snatch us up and love us and care for us. He doesn't even care about how dirty we are... He just wants to be with us. Reach your arms to Him and He's there in, like... a nanosecond. As in He's always there. And in the process of scooping us up Jesus DID get our yucky sinfulness all over Himself. And then He paid the price for it with His death so we wouldn't have to. And then He gave us the ability to live without that sin. Glory to the Holy Spirit for that one.

It's so amazing. He is so amazing. His love is more than I can grasp.

And you wanna know something else amazing? That He can remind me of His love through my son's puke.


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  1. I never thought I'd find such beauty in a puke-filled moment. Thanks for helping the good shine through.


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