06 August 2010


We thought: "Let's not spend all our time in the city... let's see what there is to see outside Doha Beirut!"

Road Bus trip!!

Sound familiar?

he he

We took the local bus south to a town in southern Lebanon. Saaida was called Sidon in Bible times and Jesus went there. According to Matthew 15, that's where He was when He delivered a Canaanite woman's daughter from demon-possession.

Aaanyway... that's the place. And today it's just a bustling little city with lots of shopping and LOTS of character! I loved it! I'll give you a few highlights, in case you care.

Oooh. These two are always highlights. They're buds and I love them so much my heart bursts.

This is the view of Saaida from the top of a Palace that I didn't get any interesting pictures of. It's a city on the Mediterranean Sea and the breeze off the water felt so good!

Here I am with my little sweetie. Only lately she's been more of a screecher than a sweetie. I don't know what's gotten into her.

As our Syrian friend led us around the labyrinth that is the old market, we passed this small shop making fresh fatiira. I don't actually know what they call these 'pastries' in Lebanon. Every Middle East country has them and every Middle East country calls them something different. Frankly I can't keep up.

It was a family run operation. Two sons standing around, one mother in charge of toppings and the father working in the fire.

Zataar! My favorite!!

Finger-licking-good. Or maybe baby-wipe-wiping-good. Same thing.

Don't know what this is. Besides gorgeous, that is.

Then we visited the soap museum. Which sounds terribly boring but wasn't!

Here H is 'stamping' the logo on the bars of soap.

Some local bread being made on a dome thingy. Have you ever seen someone cook with a pillow? He uses it to spread the dough thin and then flip it over and smack it on the dome thingy. Pretty cool!

And lunch. A HUUUGE falafel sandwich. Delicious! None of us could finish ours.

Here's my boy who thought his bites of falafel were chicken.

he he

And can you see the heat rash on his face and neck? My poor little puppy...

Sunique demonstrated how to drink from the never-seen-before water jug.

First H put his mouth on the thing and tried to suck on it like a straw. *Gasp!* Ewww! Get your mouth off that H!! But then H mastered it after spilling only about half a liter down his shirt.


The end.

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