20 August 2010

She's Creee-piiing!!

Well, this post is long overdue cause my baby girl started doing this way back in Kuwait... which was at least a month ago. It seemed a bit early to me at six and a half months... but she does have a speedy big brother to keep up with!

She has a long way to go!

Arms, legs, feet, hands and belly... she uses it all to get the job done.

Check out that hair. It's like a sail in the wind...

Almost there!

A look of concentration...

As Poppi says when he sees her over skype... "What has she got in those cheeks?... Walnuts?!" Such a sweet chubby face!

Yep. I was waiting for that! She made it in about one minute flat.

Oh, the joy she brings,
even in her little things...

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