28 August 2010

That's More Like It

Early this morning in my dream the power cut but someone continued to shower (despite there being no electricity.) In real life, at that time, the power cut and it was pouring rain outside. Ha!

Really really pouring.

Yes. This is another rain post. What can I say people?... Tired of hearing about the rain? Sorry!


It was lovely. Mike got up to open all the windows to let the cool breeze in before he laid back down.

Then he got back up to close some of windows cause the rain was blowing inside the house all over our stuff. One window in our bedroom had a puddle under it this morning. We didn't care at all. I was glad for more of a 'proper' rain!

Mid morning we went out and the skies were cloudy. This is quite rare and actually a treat!

We had a long drive across the city and encountered many 'puddles' and flooded areas. This is still mild compared to rains of years past... but there is still lots of water in the streets.

They don't have any drainage system in the city...

so every year in rainy season the same thing happens.

It really makes a big mess of things. A dirty, stinky mess!

We were all excited cause this is the first year that we have a 4 x 4. But then Mikey confessed that he doesn't actually know how to turn the four wheel drive on! Good thing we didn't need it...

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