02 August 2010

Third and Final Stop

Where do you feel like you're in Bulgaria, but you're not?

Where do men wear capris more than shorts?

Where can and do women wear anything they like? From full burka to strapless mini-dress?

Where does everyone gawk at a baby in a baby backpack?

Where do four of those gawking women have enough concern to come and tell you that it's shameful to have your baby in a carrier where certainly she cannot breathe? (don't worry... she can breathe just fine.)

Where are you where you can see this sunset?

Where can you pay with dollars and get change in Lira?

Where do people speak Arabic, English and French all mixed together?

Where do people plant banana and lemon trees, squash and pumpkins in any patch of spare land they can find?

Do you know?

The answer is our third and final destination...


Hi! Quefick? Ca va?

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