30 September 2010

Blinky Blinks

Lately, I have been eating up my baby girl's smiles. She has a lot of them. In all varieties. I try to capture all varieties on the camera, but this continues to be a difficult task. When she's in 'smile mode' all grinny and gorgeous looking at Mommy, if Mommy disappears for 10 seconds to grab the camera then suddenly 'smile mode' just isn't what it was 15 seconds before. The magic just isn't there anymore.

Don't ask me why.

This is the question that keeps me up at night.

Just kidding.

Aaaanyway... my sweet N has one particular smile that really really melts your heart.

We've named it the 'Blinky Smile'. Or the 'Blinky-Blinks'. Take your pick. And stop laughing at me. This smile I have managed to photograph several times. Here is one example:

It starts with one huge grin and then it spreads up her face until she squints her eyes closed from sheer joy!

I thought maybe one wouldn't be enough for you (me). So here is example number two, with 'throw her little head back' variation.

And this one, with 'happy after eating my food and smearing it all over my face' variation.

Oh.. and this one. Isn't it the sweetest? Variation: 'Mama... you found me!'

Wouldn't you do all kinds of crazy things to see this cute sight?

And while we're on the topic of baby girl's smiles, check out her latest smile. Maybe it should be called the 'Gummy Gums'...

(get a grip, Suzanne)

In the middle of this smile she spreads her little lips and bares her two perfectly straight rows of teeth gums for ya. That's right. Nine months old and still no little teeth.

One of her middle names means "cheerful bringer of joy." If all her smiles are any indication of what is to come later in her precious life... I'd say that's about right!


  1. Haha! That makes me think of Zoolander where Ben Stiller's character had a name for all his modeling stares. Hilarious. :-) We're at nine months with no teeth too, not sure what's up with that, but oh well!

  2. I can't wait to hold little miss blinky smiley sweetness in my arms. Thanks for the adorable pics! It warms my heart!


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