02 September 2010


As I was glancing through pictures doing 'research' for the bice post, I came across a gazillion cute photos of my baby boy. Since I wasn't posting incessantly until recently, I'm sorry to say ya'll missed some pretty cute stuff!

Here are some flashbacks...

I just love these two shots of H in the sling. We were getting ready to go for a walk. What fun it was to have him with me when we went out! (Still is, usually!)


And this is from Halloween 2008...

If I remember correctly, it was Halloween night and Mike was traveling. Instead of sitting home and feeling sorry for myself because my boy couldn't join in a fun dress-up party in the U.S., I dressed him up as a ninja and took him downstairs to 'trick or treat' at our English friend's home. But nobody was in the house and I was sad. Then I got over it.

In any case... does he look like a mini Chris Farley, or what?


And now we have this hysterical before and after:

This was a haircut I did in Colorado earlier this year. I can't get over how different H looks with short or long hair, and even now he needs a cut but I am avoiding it because he always looks so much more grown up afterwards!

In these shots he even got the usual 'look really depressed in the before shot and really happy in the after shot' thing down.

Flashbacks are fun! Ha!

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