11 September 2010

My Boy the Artist

H has been going to school for a couple weeks now. He loves being dropped off and hates being picked up. Yup... he definitely likes it there and that brings peace to a Mama's heart!

And I like it when he comes home and shows me what he did that day! He always has some sort of completed project. I know I can't be a psycho mother and save his every piece of art, so I took some pictures instead. These are mostly from his first week.

Don't you love the use of mixed media?

This one is my favorite. Don't ask me why. Maybe cause it has his little hand prints in it. I actually did keep this one. I know. Call me crazy.

Brilliant use of color, don't ya think? I call it "Starry Night."

What? Someone else already used that title for a piece of art?

I didn't know...


Love the 3-D techniques used on this bird.

Very unlikely yet beautiful combination of glitter and lentils. He is really thinking outside the box. He's inventive. He's creative. He's a artistic genius, wouldn't you say?

I said "Wouldn't you say?"


Is anyone out there?


That's weird.

No one answered.

More multi-media. Very free-form and organic.

And he even brought home a plant! Or a weed. I think they planted weeds. But that's okay!

I love it!

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